Strengths of SRM

Strengths of SRM (core competence)

1. Business creativity

SRM combines capabilities in identifying genuine real estate developed under the real estate expertise of Sumitomo Corporation with abilities in fund arrangement built upon a hands-on business creed characteristic of a company committed to creating value to uncover and offer superb investment opportunities to investors.

2. Diverse investor relations

SRM meets the diverse needs of investors by taking advantage of Sumitomo Corporation's global customer base and the partnerships SRM has built through fund management.

3. Real estate operation and management capabilities

SRM is a company committed to creating value. It offers high-quality operation and management capabilities based on the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s proven track record in real estate operation and management.

4. Capability to provide financial services

SRM has advanced debt-financing capabilities backed by the strong credit standing of the Sumitomo Corporation Group and its extensive record of transactions with Japanese and overseas financial institutions through the fund business.

5. Strong internal control system

SRM has established a governance system that enables it to run its fund management business properly and fairly, as well as a business performance system comprising human resources with a wealth of knowledge concerning real estate and financing.

Support from the Sumitomo Corporation Group

We meet the needs of our investors through asset management supported by our sponsor, the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

Support from the Sumitomo Corporation Group

Support from the Sumitomo Corporation Group